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Exotic Custom Theater & Smart Home

DateApril 2019
CategorySmart Home / Theater


This client is a true believer in the power of home automation. With his fully automated smart home powered by Control4, he can control everything in his home with just a few taps on his smartphone or tablet. From the lighting to the temperature to the security system, everything is at his fingertips.

One of the standout features of this client’s smart home system is the AI technology that powers it. The Control4 system is equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms from that allow it to learn his preferences and habits over time. This means that the more he uses his system, the more personalized it becomes. The AI can even make suggestions based on Travis’s usage patterns, such as recommending a certain temperature setting for a particular time of day.

But the benefits of the clients’s smart home system go beyond just convenience. The AI technology can also help him save money on energy bills by optimizing his home’s energy usage. For example, if the system detects that he is not at home, it can automatically adjust the temperature to save energy.

This client is also impressed with the system’s ability to integrate with other smart devices in his home. With just a voice command, he can control his smart TV, sound system, and even his motorized shades.

Overall, this client is thrilled with his fully automated smart home and the Control4 system that powers it. Thanks to Atlanta Home Theater’s expert installation and customization, he can enjoy the convenience, comfort, and energy savings that home automation brings.