Atlanta Home Theater exploded like a supernova in 1996 escorting the two-channel users through the evolution of residential “surround sound” into an iconic era of dedicated home theater, forever changing the way homeowners view television. Atlanta Home Theater pioneered the debut of home automation in Atlanta by integrating simplified applications to control and operate home entertainment, distributed audio and security solutions with one-button touches. Atlanta Home Theater has become the top choice for consumers seeking a strong source for simple and complex projects and a popular destination for refined talent seeking long-term careers in design engineering, installation, service and programming.
Native Atlantans and visionaries, Scott and Jennifer Ross were born to be entrepreneurs. Atlanta’s need for a solid audio/video source and the Ross’s natural love for a good challenge thundered into a success no one could have predicted. Equal partners in business, marriage and parenting, the Rosses spent two decades refining an infallible business model and unique culture, which promotes individual and team growth professionally and interpersonally, while the firm successfully delivers high quality products and services to a demanding client base of over ten thousand.
Atlanta Home Theater is made of extraordinary people. The levels of education and certification behind this team in operations and in the field is a significant factor in the high caliber of projects the company is known for. But, it is the deadly combo of deep character, professional tenacity and soft humanity, which yields a superior finished product and reputation second to none. The salaried team of 40 boasts several who have been employed for over 16 years and nearly half who have been employed for over a decade. This group of individuals, if they were working together in another industry selling completely different products, would produce the same success.
No matter the wires, buttons and screens, this business will always be about people. Success is about hiring the right talent, bringing our best selves to task and working with builders, architects and designers, who are just as dedicated to the art of the process as the end result. It is about putting a smile on the client’s face and making their lives a little bit better by adding something new and exciting. It is about working in a cutting-edge field playing with uber-cool toys and being able to love who we see in the mirror each day based on the way we operated the day before.
Delivering more efficiently, more professionally and more cleverly any degree of home technology our clients desire with a greater level of precision and performance than any others.
The Atlanta Home Theater design center, located in Roswell, Georgia, is the largest home entertainment and automation showroom in the country.  Our 12,000 square foot, three story-castle is a king’s dwelling exhibiting clever home systems, signature home theaters, mind-blowing technology and exclusive displays of AHT’s work. Our castle is the effigy to our magnificent history and the team is gold treasure.

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