With all of the benefits it can bring to the home, distributed video is no longer just a feature for electronics stores and sports bars. Distributed video allows video sources, like cable boxes, satellite receivers and Blu-ray players, to be shared between multiple TVs that are connected to a video switch. This can provide some pretty amazing advantages.
One of the biggest advantages of a video distribution solution designed and installed by Atlanta Home Theater is minimizing the amount of sources you need for every TV in your house. Distributed video lets you use just a few cable boxes or satellite receivers for all of the TVs in your house, saving you on that monthly equipment cost.
Another great advantage distributed video provides is the ability to hide all of the clutter. No one wants a tangle of wires running down the wall from their gorgeous Ultra High Definition TV. Distributed video hides all of your audio and video equipment, eliminates the wires and set-top boxes, and creates a simple, clean, clutter-free environment.
Access your library of movies, stream a video, play a game or enjoy your music collection at the touch of a button. Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives, and portable devices—or browse through them all simultaneously. Integrate your AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu and more, for limitless entertainment with a single remote.
Transform your
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Using the app on your smartphone or tablet, Control4 eliminates the need for all remotes and simplifies your entertainment experience. With the touch of one button, the lights dim, the curtains close, your TV turns on and a movie begins; your receiver, meanwhile, tunes to the correct input and adjusts to the perfect volume.
Control4’s new HDMI switch combines the video distribution technology with a home automation system, in a single controller. The results provide a truly seamless experience in both quality and control. By running the video signal through the Ethernet cable, you are able to send network and control functionality right through the same cable. It’s an amazing technology that allows video distribution in many situations where it previously wasn't an option.

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