High Definition
Golf Simulators
High Definition Golf™ is widely recognized as the technological leader in the golf simulator industry. In fact, the measurement, accuracy and realism of High Definition Golf™ simulators are unparalleled by any other golf simulator currently on the market.
The Standard in
Golf Simulation
Other golf simulators simply can’t match the unprecedented feeling of being there or the accuracy of High Definition Golf™. That’s because no other golf simulator incorporates our revolutionary, proprietary software and Computer Vision Technology.

All High Definition Golf™ simulators include the most precise club and ball tracking system, utilizing our proprietary High-Speed Spectrum Sensor Technology™. The golf simulator captures accurate measurements of all critical club motion and ball launch data, creating a true reproduction of your ball’s flight.
The game of golf is about fine details. The slightest improvement in the angle of your club path or club face can take your game to an entirely new level. The advanced data capture and analysis provided by High Definition Golf™ simulators can help you do just that.

The system’s stereoscopic computer vision delivers the most precise measurements of any golf simulator on the market. Everything, including ball speed, launch angle, ball spin axis, club head speed, swing path, club contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed) and efficiency, is measured. This data is critical to realistic ball flight simulation and providing you with the information you need to enhance your swing and perfect your game.
3D Graphics
Other golf simulators use conventional 3D graphics resulting in a “cartoonish”, video-game-like display. Not High Definition Golf™. The spectacular photo-realistic capabilities of High Definition Golf™ capture the true beauty of some of the world’s most renowned golf courses. Each course is faithfully reproduced in our revolutionary image processing software, which combines high-resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models of the actual golf courses.
The World’s Most Renowned Courses
When players who have played the actual courses, play the High Definition Golf™ simulator for the first time, the response heard most is, “Wow! I’ve been there… this is exactly how the course looks and plays."

Spectacular photo-realistic capabilities capture the true beauty of some of the world’s most renowned courses including: Pebble Beach®, St, Andrews®, Pinehurst®, Kiawah Island®, Spyglass®, Doral®, Harbourtown®, Troon North®, Bethpage Black®, Banff Springs® and many others. This is as close as it gets to the real thing.
Performance, Reliability
and Service
Atlanta Home Theater and High Definition Golf™ are committed to providing you with the most realistic indoor golf experience in the world. That commitment to quality engineering and components is the reason why our golf simulators are known for being extremely reliable and virtually maintenance-free. We incorporate only high-quality components including professional-grade computers and the highest-quality, non-marking, ultra-quiet screen.
New High-Res Curved Screens Offer More Realistic Golf Simulator Experience. Interactive Sports Technologies™ continues its legacy of innovation with the launch of new High Definition Golf simulator models that feature curved “wrap-around” screens, a wider field of view and stunning high resolution graphics.

and Accuracy
Without question, you will feel like you are playing the courses you’ve always dreamed of playing. Best of all, the range of courses doesn’t end there. We are continually adding new courses to the system, ever expanding the selection of world-class golf destinations for you to play. Take your game to the next level with HD Golf™ simulators.

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