Lighting Control
When you are given the ultimate app for your home, you are in control of how you want it to function; whether it's for added relaxation or to transform into an entertainment oasis.
A Perfect
Movie Night
With one tap of a button the lights fade, the shades lower, and the A/V system sets up to present a movie on a big projection screen.
Make Life
With Control4 Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) technology, the sheer number of products that can join a Control4 network offers amazing integration options. Already, more than 500 home electronics products feature Control4’s SDDP technology, including those from major home electronics manufacturers. This leads to a more affordable home automation solution, and the complexity of placing these products under the command of a Control4 system has been minimized significantly.
Keeping a home at its most comfortable state while still being mindful of energy use can be a challenge when you’re forced to adjust thermostats, position draperies, and turn on and off lights manually. Your smart home automation system can lower the thermostats at night, lower the shades, and all lights can turn off right before bedtime to save energy.
An hour before you wake up the thermostat can adjust bringing your home to a comfortable temperature for getting out of bed. Meanwhile, the lights in the kitchen can turn on softly and the shades in the living room can open to let in the morning sun.
Elegant & Efficient
Smart lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. You can control personalized lighting scenes throughout your home from a central keypad or touch screen, which use motion sensors to provide lighting automatically when you enter a room and turn lights off when everyone leaves.
Instant Status
Did the kids leave the lights on in the game room downstairs? Are there any windows open in the master bedroom? Did your teenager remember to close the garage door? A home automation system keeps tabs on happenings in and around your house and can share that information with you while you’re at home or miles away on a vacation or business trip.
One App
Any Device
What makes Control4 products so easy to use is the intuitive, elegant user interface, which is virtually the same on every device. Experience the convenience of using your smart phone to manage your Control4 system whether you’re home or away. With the Control4 App, you can control everything from any device with Internet access.

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